Strength Classes

Live better. Live stronger. Strength classes aim to improve daily living skills through better balance, strength, flexibility and agility. These classes promote progressive resistance where your training load is increased as your muscles become stronger. Strength training is the only type of exercise that can maintain muscle and metabolism as we age.These classes will strengthen and condition muscles. Most classes incorporate equipment such as dumbbells, body bars, bands, etc.


  • Feeling better, looking better and meeting friends
  • Increased Metabolic Rate – burn more calories
  • Increasing and restoring bone density
  • Increase lean muscle, strength, power and endurance
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved balance, flexibility, mobility & stability
  • Enhanced performance in sports or exercise

Strength Classes include:

Abs/Core: This 15-minute class focuses on the abdominal/low back muscles and other core stabilizing muscles. Good core strength helps reduce back pain and improves overall fitness and stability.

Core/Stretch: This class will provide core strength and stretching exercises to strengthen, relax and elongate muscles.

Strength: A conditioning class to firm and strengthen muscles of the entire body. This class uses resistance exercises to develop muscle strength and endurance.

Total Training / Cardio Strength & Fitness: These classes offer a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training exercises.

RBT (Rest Based Training): This class is based on the concept of Rest Based Exercise. Rest and work in exercise are dependent upon one another and together deliver better results. In this class, you push until you can’t and rest until you can. Every participant determines their own intensity. Great workout to improve your metabolic efficiency.

Check your local YMCA Group Exercise schedules for class days & times.