Adult Sports

 It’s Not Just Kid Stuff
(Although the Kid Stuff is Awesome Too)

Lifting weights and running aren’t the only ways to exercise. If you’re missing your old intramural days or you’re looking for a little firendly competition, YMCA Adult Sports Leagues allow you to enjoy a sport you’ve always loved or try a new one. Sports leagues are a great place to get active and meet new friends.


  • Adult Basketball (not available winter 2017)
  • Adult Co-ed Soccer – Olean
  • Adult Co-ed Soccer – Wellsville
  • Adult Co-ed Volleyball
  • Indoor Triathlon
  • Racquetball
  • Pickleball
  • Olean/Bradford Adult Sport Schedule CLICK HERE.


    • The track is located above the gymnasium and entry is on the 2nd floor of the facility.
    • Members must be in 9th grade or above to utilize the track at will. Younger members (grades 5-8) may use the track when accompanied by a parent.
    • Sneakers must be worn on the track at all times.
    • Runners use the outside lane. Walkers use the inside lanes.
    • Running and walking direction rotates on a daily basis. All participants are required to run/walk in the direction designated.
    • During JCC home basketball games and other published events, the track will be closed.
    • Family Time on the Track—every Friday from 6:00-8:00 PM.
    • Walking/Running can be done around the Wellness Center areas of the Bradford and Wellsville YMCAs.


    • meet new friends
    • sportsmanship
    • competitive challenge
    • stress relief
    • physical fitness


    All Sports leagues are run by the individual facility branches.

    • Olean Family YMCA: 716-373-2400
    • Bradford Famiy YMCA: 814-368-6101
    • Wellsville YMCA: 585-593-3246