Legacy Giving

Friends, members, and volunteers who make legacy gifts to the YMCA of the Twin Tiers in their estate plans play a key role in our fiscal stability. Their gifts build the endowment, a perpetual fund whose income provides essential financial support for all aspects of the YMCA. We recognize the commitment of these visionary donors by extending to them membership in the Endowment Alliance.

planned giving societies

Planned giving societies were created to honor members for their commitment to our Mission. Members understand the critical need to strengthen the YMCA of the Twin Tiers‘ future by providing gifts that will support our promise to build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. They extend the support that they have given the YMCA of the Twin Tiers through a lifetime of membership, gifts, and volunteer hours far into the future.

Legacy gifts from these planned giving society members through their wills, trusts, or other estate gifts ensure the continued vitality and development of the YMCA of the Twin Tiers from one generation to the next. In becoming members, they make an extraordinary gift to their loved ones and to our community.

A careful review of your assets will identify the best way to make a gift, whether it is the gift of a specific asset, such as real estate; a percentage of your total estate; or an amount for a special project or fund. Donors often find that planned gifts enable them to use assets to support the YMCA of the Twin Tiers that might otherwise be lost to estate, income, or capital gains taxation. This legacy is a lasting memorial to their values and interests.

For more information about the planned giving, please contact:

YMCA of the Twin Tiers Mission Advancement Director at (716) 701-1376.

  • Always seek the counsel of your professional advisors on the best estate plan for you and your family.
  • IRS Form 990 – Foundation


You are invited to become a member of the Olean YMCA Heritage Society.

The Olean Family YMCA’s Heritage Society is an organization of special individuals who have felt or seen, in their time, the impact of the Y on the lives of people. They believe in the traditions of the Y and wish to ensure that this heritage is continued for future generations. The purpose of the Heritage Society is to build long-range financial stability for the Y by strengthening the Association’s Endowment Fund. Those who qualify for membership have included the Association’s Endowment Fund in their estate plans or have made direct contributions of cash, property or securities to the Endowment Fund. There is no minimum dollar amount. As we continue to confront challenges of the future, we know the generosity of those in the Heritage Society will make all the difference in our success.


Black Cherry, long known for its strength and beauty throughout the Northwest Pennsylvania area, has provided a foundation for the growth of industry and travel in this area for many years. Towering gracefully on hillsides and along pathways, they embody the vitality and beauty of our area, as well as the mission of the YMCA.

The seeds of the Black Cherry take root, growing stately and strong. The seeds planted by the Black Cherry Society members, through their generous bequests and gifts, assure that the Bradford Family YMCA will continue to flourish and grow in the years to come.

Just as the trees are uniquely significant, so are the individuals who become part of the Black Cherry Society of the Bradford Family YMCA. These individuals form the firm foundation for the work of the YMCA throughout our area due to their investment in the YMCA through their gift to the YMCA Endowment Fund.


An outright gift – cash
Creates current income tax savings.

An outright gift – appreciated assets
Contribute appreciated assets, such as stock, to the YMCA and receive a charitable deduction equal to the current value of the assets while avoiding capital gains taxes.

Naming the YMCA in a Life Insurance Policy
Makes possible a large future gift and possible current income tax savings.

Existing Life Insurance
Contribute a life insurance policy that is no longer needed to protect the current beneficiaries and receive a charitable deduction for the cash value of the policy.

Include the YMCA in your will and reduce estate taxes. Fixed amounts, specific assets or percentages of the estate may be specified.

Establish a form of a charitable trust and/or annuity that provides the donor with a fixed or variable lifetime income and receive a charitable deduction at the same time.

Note: This information is general in nature. Before making any decision, please consult with an attorney and/or financial advisor.

For more information please call: 716-701-1376.

Heritage Society Members

Our grateful appreciation is extended to the following individuals whose legacies and designated gifts to the Endowment Fund enable us to further the work of the Y in our community.

  • As of March 2016
    • Jeff Alevy
    • Carroll & Dolores Anstaett
    • Jill Ballard
    • Dr. Arthur Beck
    • Wendy Brand
    • David & Melinda Buckley
    • Dr. Rudolph Burt*
    • Donald & Connie Cooper
    • Dana Cornell
    • Catherine Cridler*
    • Ernest & Phyllis Cridler*
    • Jason & Jeanette Crisafulli
    • Cutco Foundation
    • Dan & Renee DeRose
    • Robert M. Diggs*
    • Dr. & Mrs. Michael Domboski
    • Aaron Donahue
    • Brent Driscoll
    • Mike & Sheryl Droney
    • Elexco Land Services, Inc.
    • Steve & Deanna Foster
    • The Fox Family
    • Thomas* & Virginia* Good
    • Thurston C. Hanson*
    • Norma & George T.W. Hendrix, Jr
    • Michael & Kelly Hendrix
    • John P. Herrick*
    • Alenka & John H. Heyer, II
    • Dr. Ahmad Hilal & Dr. Naheed Hilal
    • Maybel Hoaglund*
    • Rilla Hodges*
    • Elizabeth W. Holihan
    • Dr. Ross & Diane Horsley
    • Jennie Howe*
    • Charles E. Irving, Sr. Family
    • Dr. Ralph & Marilyn Kerr
    • KeyBank Foundation
    • Jim* & Sarah Kinley
    • R. Kinter*
    • James & Mary Anne Kirkpatrick
    • Dr. Robert & Nancy Krall
    • Erick & Marianne Laine
    • Peter Laine
    • Mark & Barb Langenhan
    • Rachel & Kris Linderman
    • R.B. Lyon*
    • Rhonda & Tom Miller
    • Norman & Mary Moore
    • Bill & Diane Munro
    • N.V.V.F. ‘Van’ Munson*
    • Daryl & Diane Piontek
    • Ron & Shelley Pollock
    • Tom & Rhonda Pollock
    • Craig Polson
    • David & Beth Prince
    • Dr. Daniel & Christine Proto
    • Louis J. Proto
    • William Quirin*
    • Robert Renwick*
    • Mary Rich
    • Jim & Juanita Ried
    • Donald Roon*
    • Mrs. Audrey Schwier
    • Stuart & Mimi Smith
    • Adah V. Stackhouse*
    • Jake A. Steger
    • Diane Stewart
    • James & Carol Stitt
    • Dr. Henry & Marcia Storch
    • Pat & Barb Sweitzer
    • Mary Ellen Westling Vara & Charles V. Vara
    • Nancy Walsh & Richard Hellmer
    • Dr. Alexandra Wesley
    • Laura Whitford
    • Ward* & Mary Wilday
    • Ward (Skip) & Greta Wilday
    • Mark & Patti Williams
    • Dennis & Ann Marie Wright
    • Margaret Klice Wright*


Black Cherry Society Members

Our grateful appreciation is extended to the following individuals whose legacies and designated gifts to the Endowment Fund enable us to further the work of the Y in our community.

  • As of March 2016
    • Fred Blackburn
    • Tom & Jean Bromeley
    • Chuck & Maryellen Brooks
    • William Chapman
    • Katherine Crawford*
    • Don & Pam Fredeen
    • Rev. Leo J. Gallina
    • Richard Lockwood Gardner*
    • Ralph M. George*
    • Glendorn Foundation
    • Dr. Jafar & Helga Hamidi
    • Neidra Hart
    • William & Pauline Higie
    • Ann & Dick Kessel
    • Catherine Kytic*
    • Bill & Terri DePalma Leven
    • John Ley*
    • Robert & Julie Marasco
    • McCourt Label Company
    • Dan & Amy McCune
    • Kirker D. McIntyre*
    • Merrill Lynch
    • Madeline Miles
    • Michael & Diane Mitchell
    • Adam Dean Moser*
    • Mr. Lou Potter Mullhaupt*
    • Northwest Savings Bank
    • Pamela Pfohl
    • Cornell “Pete” Pfohl
    • William Pierce
    • Robert Renwick*
    • Lester* & Barbara Rice
    • William Sachse*
    • Harry Solarek
    • Katherine Still
    • Agnes L. Thomas*
    • Ray C.* & Martha Uhler
    • Susan VanNette Sinclair*
    • Leora Zande
    • Zippo Manufacturing Company