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ymca of the twin tiers Employees

Important documents required for working at the Y.

Thank you for your commitment to the YMCA of the Twin Tiers – we appreciate all you do!


It is the employee’s responsibility to read and understand the policies, rules, and benefits described in the Employee Handbook.

  • 2017 Employee Handbook: Click here.
  • To view and print the Employee Handbook Acknowledgement page, click here.


  • W-4 Federal Employee Withholding Allowanceclick here.
  • IT-2104 NYS Employees Withholding Allowanceclick here.


It’s quick; it’s easy; you can count on it!

Benefits of Direct Deposit

  • Deposit to the bank of your choice, worldwide.
  • Deposit to more than one account.
  • Access your pay at anytime from anywhere.
  • Increase savings by splitting between checking and savings accounts.
  • Convenient, saves you a trip to the bank.
  • Faster, you won’t have to wait at the bank to cash or deposit a check.
  • Safer, direct deposit eliminates the worry of a lost or stolen check and is strictly confidential.

When setting up a new direct deposit, the first pay day will be used to pre-note & verify that your account number is correct. Your first pay can be picked up at the corporate office after 2:30 on pay day or it can be mailed; thereafter, once your account is verified, your wages will be direct deposited.

NOTE: A manual check will be mailed to your home one business day before pay day.

Direct Deposit Form (pdf)


For Pay Dates please contact HR. See below.


To update your personal information any time there is a change, print this form and turn it in to the HR office.

For a legal name change, attach a copy of the official document (i.e. marriage license) and your new social security card reflective of the change.

To view and print Personal Information form, click here.


In order to be eligible, employees must be 21 years of age or older and complete two 12-month periods of Y service, working at least 1,000 hours in each, beginning with the date of hire. The two years do not have to be consecutive. All hours of Y service count toward eligibility, even in cases where the employee is under age 21 or works at multiple participating Ys. Employees meeting these qualifications are automatically enrolled and immediately vested. If an employee was previously enrolled by the YMCA or another Y that participates in the YMCA Retirement Fund, he/she is immediately eligible for enrollment in the Plan.

Each employee is encouraged to make additional voluntary contributions to the Tax-Deferred Savings Plan in order to achieve at least 15% total retirement savings, a goal recommended by many financial planners. Employees not yet eligible for the Retirement Plan are encouraged to save 15% on their own each year while they await eligibility.

Opening a 403(b) Smart Account in the Tax-Deferred Savings Plan allows employees to save through pre-tax amounts payroll deduction. This is available to all employees of the YMCA, regardless of age, service, or number of hours worked. Contributions are subject to certain limitations under federal law.

  • Retirement Website, click here.
  • Select the 403(b) Smart Account (English version)


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