Youth Sports

Youth Sports



Check your Branch page for specific schedules. 

Volunteer with the YMCA 

Use your talents to encourage, guide and train young athletes at the Y. We rely on volunteers to coach sports leagues throughout the year. Contact your specific branch for details on how you can get involved.


The YMCA stresses child-oriented attitudes by keeping winning in perspective, having fun, improving physical fitness, and working with the whole child. The YMCA wants the quality of play to improve in order to meet the needs of all participants whatever their ability and skills.

The YMCA accomplishes this by training adult volunteers in clinics and workshops that the child comes first and winning comes second. The key for coaches and parents is to keep winning in perspective. Competition will happen in youth sports without any external pressures. It is important to keep competition at a level appropriate for the athlete.

The goal of the Youth Sports program is to help the child grow to his/her fullest potential in mind, body, and spirit. Activity helps the body grow; thinking advances the mind; and belief makes our spirit grow.

Please visit the Locations page, click on the branch closest to you, and browse through their programs for dates and times of your favorite sport.


All Youth Sports leagues are run by the individual facility branches.

  • Olean Family YMCA: Victor Novelli Sports Director 716-373-2400 Ext 105. victorn@yourymca.org
  • Bradford Famiy YMCA: 814-368-6101
  • Wellsville YMCA: Traci Johnson Keppel 585-593-3246
  • YMCA Gymnastics Center: Michelle Feldman 716-301-8012


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